Ramadan Dates

From Medina I For Yemen

Nutritious, juicy dates ethically sourced directly from Medina Tul Munawarah are now available to make your Ramadan extra special. Medina dates are highly regarded as amongst the best in the world. The proceeds from every box of dates purchased will go towards creating food packs, including meat, rice, flour, lentils, potatoes, oil, sugar and tea, as part of the ongoing efforts of Al-Fikr to combat hunger in Yemen. Place your order today and spread the blessings of Ramadan.


During the month of Ramadan millions of Muslims will break their fast each evening by eating dates. This centuries-old tradition is adhered to worldwide and the first sweet, juicy date eaten at Iftar with family and friends is one of the most recognisable symbols of the holy month alongside the significant religious aspects and holy atmosphere.

** Please note due to the high demand for the delicious Ajwa Dates from Medina, we are currently re-stocking them so delivery times will be a little longer **


Dates for Yemen make the perfect gift, and will also provide the ideal iftar time staple, in line with the beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


“The Messenger of Allah would break the fast with fresh dates before performing Salah.
If there were no fresh dates then (he would break the fast) with dried dates, and if there were no dried dates then he would take a few sips of water.”