Is there a worthier cause than helping an orphan child with your Zakat or Sadaqa?

According to the beloved Prophet (upon him be peace) who has left us with numerous reminders about the honour achieved by the one who helps an orphan.

Some might call this heroism. And why not when a heroic act can take any form. Isn’t she a hero who helps the old lady across the street? How about the heroism of the man who spares some change? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There is a hero within every one of us.

So here is an opportunity for you to achieve that honour. We present you with a chance to become a hero by supporting an orphan child to become educated.
Support our campaign with your Zakat and Sadaqa. Gift a child or two or more with a school pack so that they are properly equipped to learn. Your gift will play a crucial part in ensuring they are best placed to improve their future.

Because education works in solving their poverty.


This Ramadan you have the opportunity to help an orphan child better prepare for their future by providing them the right tools for education.  


Your donation can help provide a yearly package of:

  • School uniforms

  • Stationary 

  • Books

  • School bags