Water Dug Wells

Al-Fikr is giving you the opportunity to help provide the gift of water for 200 families through supporting the installation of one of our wells in drought afflicted regions of Asia and Africa.   

We are now providing much needed water wells throughout the Asian and African continents, with each well capable of sustaining up to 200 families, giving the benefit of clean water to over 1000 people. The are dug deep enough to be filtered naturally through the earth to ensure those living in the most dry areas on earth can drink water without the risk of disease and are chemically tested for impurities prior to commissioning.

People living in these remote areas have to struggle miles sometimes to find a source of water and it is often so hard to come by that people owning their own wells will padlock them to prevent others gaining access. We will be providing these wells for general community use in these such areas to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the fresh water they provide.

Every £700 that we raise through this project will allow for a new well to be built for the community most in need at that time. We urgently need more funding for this cause and you can help by either donating for the full cost of a well, setting up a monthly direct debit to pay for one over a duration of your choosing, or simply by donating a small amount towards one being built. Every single pound that we raise will go directly into this project and if you donate for the full cost of a well you can choose to have it inscribed with a dedication or memorial of your choosing to allow the memory of a loved one to live on forever.